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  • We help you build a customer data solution that best meets your needs
  • Data Management Platform (DMP) is an integrated platform that collects, groups, and analyzes big data.
    Provides audience information by integrating 1st party and 3rd party data and acts as a basis for data-driven marketing.
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  • As-Was : Target Advertising
  • Originated from online advertising
  • Used to support DSP for target marketing
  • Used to identify consumers' needs with data gathered from advertising process
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  • As-Is : Analyze Customer Behavior
  • Defined data gathered from advertising process as Big Data and used to understand customer behavior
  • Integrate with offline data and process using ML/AI to gain customer insights
  • 1
    • Evaluate 1st party data
      (customer data, performance data)
      and solution
  • 2
    • Recommend a data solution
      and analyze customers with
      3rd party data
  • 3
    • Develop a non-PII based Private DMP
      for marketing uses
  • Features
    • Customize your DMP solution to best fit your environment and needs.
      Develop own taxonomy with 1st party data and integrate data with TG360 data (Data Licensing required)
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